"Established 1994"

Since 1994 a group of unpaid volunteers calling themselves the "National Christmas Tree Railroad" construct and operate a Large Scale model train display around the base of the National Christmas Tree. The current display is comprised of over a thousand feet of and features more than a dozen trains, trolleys, and villages.
The National Christmas Tree is located on the Ellipse, just south of the White House. The trains run daily during park hours  following the tree lighting ceremony in early December 3rd through New Year's Day.

The trains are packed away for the season but the volunteers are already planning the 2017 display.  We look forward to seeing you in December.

With the White House in the background, Alaska motive power makes it way around the National Christmas Tree.

Amtrak passenger consist crosses a replica of the Hell Gate Bridge

The BNSF (Burlington Northern - Santa Fe) encounters Santa Claus

The Canadian Pacific is at home in the snow with the White House in the background

The double headed CSX makes it way around the outer loop

The Norfolk Southern completes its journey with the White House in the background

The Union Pacific delights visitors hauling construction equipment across the Hell Gate Bridge

Five years ago Thomas the Tank engine along with Annie and Clarabel coaches made their first appearance at the National Christmas Tree. They have been followed in subsequent years by Percy and the troublesome trucks and James the red engine, compliments of Bachmann Trains.


Also appearing and occupying a premier spot running on the stone wall around the base of the National Christmas Tree is a magnificent Amtrak passenger train, compliments of Amtrak. The train features double headed Genesis locomotives, a food service car, and four luxury coaches.


This picture was taken during the 2008 season. It seems even the local wildlife love the trains. This squirrel lives in the National Christmas Tree and needs a name. As you can see, he (or she) loves riding on the train. Email us with your suggestion of a name for this squirrel.